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Being a friend. Being strong.

Sometimes there’s moments when I feel like shit about myself because of specific things….that moment might be more…but, the reason is not really getting to me is because I know how I feel and how I think and what you told me was completely wrong…And I know I can’t control how you think, act and what you think so I’ll believe myself and try to show and or explain but, what I won’t do is key it control my life the way your assumptions are controlling, if not destroying your I’ll sit here and be as strong as I can and try to give you that same strength…because I’m not heartless enough to leave you alone, broken, crying and destroying your own life…I might be mean but I’d never let someone I care about destroy their life over something as stupid as over assuming and over thinking something as simple as the nose on your face…

Fight ©

I will fight forever for you,
To give up on us would
Make me a fool, and to even
think about giving up on
Some thing so amazing and so
Beautiful, makes me a heartless fool,
But I won’t give up on
Us, no matter how much I’ll
Have to fight, I’ll do it
For you and for us so
That we will be able to
Love without end until the day
We die, and beyond then too,
I will fight for us forever
Because I will never give up
On something I can’t live a day

Messed Up

Sitting under the same old sky.

Watching the moon and stars.

So many things in my mind.

My heart almost torn apart.

We had so much in common

So many things the same.

All these things were so small.

Watching the snow fall

talking about our day.

Keeping our dreams alive.

And wondering why so deep inside

that you matter to me.

How you could make my day

with a simple hello.

As I check that screen

And time flys by.

I wish I never let you go.

I wish I had faught for us.

Our friendship on the line.

Now I’m torn apart inside.

I killed our friendship

I broke our trust.

I sent a years of friendship right into the dust.

And I’ll admit.

I’ll miss your smile.

I’ll miss your days. But I hope you know.

This was a simple curosity

And I’ll regret

That I drove you away

I’m torn apart on the inside.

And hope you forgive me.

Don’t let our friendship go away.

I beg you please. I am down on my knee’s.

Please give me a second chance.

~Elizabeth Marie <3

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